"The Lauren" Women's Wholesale Ponchos

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Katydid “The Lauren” Women’s wholesale Fashion Ponchos

If you’re looking for wholesale fall clothing your customers will love to stay warm in, look no further than our stylish fashion ponchos. These trendy fall favorites bring a dose of elegance and uniqueness to your boutique. A perfect outer layer for any cool-weather outfit, our wholesale fashion ponchos are sure to be a fall favorite.

Your customers will love the simple knitted design, the high-quality materials, durable craftsmanship, the one-of-a-kind look. And they’re available in six colors: beige, black, blue, maroon, gray, and pink.

Style and Elegance

Don’t miss out—add our stylish ponchos to your fall clothing inventory. This fashionable choice reflects the basic designs your customers will wear for years to come. Plus, our fashion ponchos wholesale pricing makes it easy for you to stock all six colors!

Our ponchos are the epitome of easy to wear fashion. From the outdoors girl who doesn’t want to lose her fashion sense to the busy mom juggling three kids, every woman can find warmth with a simple style in these ponchos.

An Enjoyable Shopping Experience

When looking for cool wholesale fashion clothing for boutiques, Katydid Wholesale should always be your first stop. We provide one-of-a-kind designs that will stand out in your store. More importantly, we make it easy to stock your shelves. With just a $50 wholesale order minimum, you can find trendy pieces on any budget. Take advantage of our fashion ponchos wholesale pricing and easy shopping experience. Order from Katydid Wholesale today.